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Welcome, Apexers and friends, to your new website!

This website was built specifically with *you* in mind. We wanted to give you a place to call your home and a place to gather with your friends across the many sub-groups connected with Team Apex. Many tools exist with this website that will allow us to enhance our gaming experience. Let me share with you a bit about the capabilities of this website...

Home Page: This is the first page everyone should see upon coming to the website. We intend to post important news and updates here to catch your attention. As you can probably see, there are some nifty little "widgets" placed around the home page for your convenience (such as one that displays Server Status). There is even a little widget that links to the important news related to CoH/CoV. More can be added along the way, but it is certainly a good start!

Forums: Every good guild/clan website needs to have a good set of forums and ours is no exception. The sections of the forum can be customized to our liking. So, if you want to see something added/removed, please let us know. Our only request with the forums is that you don't spam them too much and keep the content decent.

DKP (Dragon Kill Points): This is a system developed (I believe) from World of Warcraft. It is a way to keep track of who shows up for planned events and allows the guild/clan to reward people for their attendance. Perhaps we can use it within our group to reward people for their contribution(s) to our success? Something to think about.

Roster: This nifty little tool will be a great way for us to keep track of our members by name and global handle. You simply load up the information the registry asks for and it adds your character(s) to the list.

Library: This page is loaded with handy info about the game. I haven't had a chance to browse it yet, but it seems to be helpful. Maybe something to help newer players?

Calendar: This will help us organize and plan events within our group. And, it will help people keep track of what is happening.

Resources: This page is actually REALLY good. It lets everyone list out needs/wants for their character(s). I posted an example using one of my characters. I just plugged in the information requested. You need to make sure you have uploaded at least one character to use it. But, I think it would be a really great way to let people know what you need help with. Certainly, anything can pop up spontaneously. So, we would use it to help keep track of needs that may take longer to fulfill. Then, once something is completed, you can mark it as such.

Bank: Now, this tool may be a little tricky to use at this point, but it allows us to keep track of what we have in our storage bins without having to go poking around in each one. Perhaps we can make use of it? We'll see.

Mail: Of course, we have system mail. Feel free to use it.

Anyways, that's what we have so far. More can always be added/removed later on. Remember: this website is designed with YOU in mind. So, please do not hesitate to voice any suggestions/comments/questions!
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DrGemini, Jul 26, 10 2:22 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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